Cheshire Animal Clinic

2647 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30324


Cheshire Animal Clinic and Pet Hotel

Dear Valued Boarding Clients

Many people are very interested in just what occurs on a day to day basis with their canine pal. I thought that a little outline of his or her experience might be able to answer many of the questions about boarding at our home away from home. We set very high standards in each care-related duty during your pet’s stay and I would expect that you would want nothing less for your loved one.

We house our guests in a large air-conditioned room. The space is similar to a gymnasium with large runs approximately 6' X 4'. The space has vaulted ceilings and large windows for natural lighting. It also has a large volume air circulation unit so that fresh air is constantly being fed into the space as stale air is constantly removed. For outdoor time, we have the same runs in a large, graveled open area in the rear of the building. These runs are covered for rain protection and shade in hot weather.

Each morning begins with individually walking your pet outside for fresh air and "potty-time". There they enjoy the outdoors and have a barking good time. While the outdoor party insues, the staff begins a rigorous process of sanitizing the entire indoor facility. This involves a general cleanup, followed by pressure washing the entire boarding hall. In addition we contracted with a company to design a specially formulated cleanser that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and safe for our guests. This formulation is applied throughout assuring a safe environment for your pets. After drying the floors, our guests are then individually escorted back inside to find their breakfast waiting for them in a freshly cleaned run. This same process is repeated in and around the outdoor runs after all are inside and happily eating. The steps may be modified during inclement weather but it is our opinion that these steps are a must in maintaining a healthy and clean environment for your pet. The whole process is then repeated as dogs are escorted out again. During mid-day rest for our guests, the "poop patrol" sweeps the room continuously for messes that need attending to. Some staffers will then begin group and individual playtime for those who’s owners elected these services while others are preparing the evening meals for all our guests when they return from the afternoon outdoor bark-a-thon. During pleasant weather, your pet receives approximately 2-3 hours of playtime in his or her own protected and shaded outdoor run.

Each of our guests receives almost 1 hour of individual employee time daily. In addition, the boarding hall is temperature controlled to levels consistent with home environments. We strive to make your pet's stay as comfortable (and fun) as possible. We are proud of our animal-care staff and our goal is to provide consistently compassionate care to your loved ones. As an animal healthcare professional, I demand nothing less. Our rates are consistent with the details that our team is expected to uphold, and yet they still  remain less than most facilities in the area. Please understand that the health and welfare of your pet is our top priority and we hope that you will stop by for a tour.


Clay Allen, DVM